Stop Getting Ghosted + proven email templates for wedding photographers by Anna Zofka

Stop Getting Ghosted + proven email templates for wedding photographers

Stop struggling to get your wedding couples to respond to your emails! Learn how you can make a few easy and quick changes to decrease the odds of getting ghosted and increase the odds of getting lovely juicy bookings.

You’re an amazing wedding photographer. So why are clients disappearing on you?

Is it the economy? Your portfolio? Or, just possible, is it how you’re communicating with them?

Time to make a few changes.

  • Time to feel confident in your client replies
  • Time to kick fear to the kerb 
  • Time to start booking those ideal clients 

For the very first time, I’m going to unpack and share the secrets on how you can reduce the odds of getting “ghosted”, encourage clients to respond to you without feeling too “sales-y” and book in some brilliant jobs. It’s been a tough year, so let’s get you back on track. 

Have we met?

Hey, I’m Anna. I’m a recovering tax advisor turned full-time wedding photographer who runs her own business, Art & Story Studio. I know a thing or three about what makes couples tick and how to get them to engage with you on a personal level. Why waste time trying to work it out yourself? Take the fast track because - hey - you can! This ebook and my tried-and-tested email templates are going to accelerate your success, exactly as they did mine. I want to share everything I know with you so you can pick yourself up after this dreadful year, dust yourself off and get your business back on track.

In this info-packed ebook, you'll learn...

► Why couples ghost
► Where they are in their buyer’s journey and why that’s important
► Which mistakes you’re making when responding to enquiries (we all make them!)
► How to break up with cold, sales-y emails for good
► How to write killer emails to appeal to different couples
► How to respond to elopement enquiries
► Email strategy (including my tried-and-tested email templates that I use in our studio to hook clients) 

It's all about to turn for you.

This ebook is legit, fluff-free and includes everything I’ve learned while growing Art & Story Studio. Pouring everything I had into my business allowed me to give up my soul-sucking corporate life and go full-time with wedding photography. Best thing I ever did. 

Let me help you reduce the odds of getting ghosted and go from a world of radio silence to a big, noisy cacophony of pings as your email inbox overflows with booking confirmations from the kind of client you love to work with. 

Are you in? Get your e-book here.

STOP GETTING GHOSTED + email templates for wedding photographers
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